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Dental Clinic at Vračar

What are you thinking about on your way to the dentist? Pain, previous experiences, or questions you would ask or be asked? Have you ever wished to talk about a delicate thing such as health of your teeth with someone friendly, experienced and adviceful?

Dental Corner Esthetics is a modern dental studio with clear vision and a goal to take care of health and needs of each patient, including prevention, curing and designing beautiful smiles.

At our studio, patient is not seated in the dental chair immediately. There is knowledge that only dentist can transfer and that is one of our main responsabilities during every visit. During your visit, you will acknowledge much more than intervention itself. The principles that we are quided with are efficiency and painfree approach. Efficiency encompasses speed and safety. For us, dentistry is much more than profession. We, at Dental Corner Esthetics, understand that healthy smile overcomes esthetics and cherish importance of teeth and soul.

The main idea is that each patient, in any given moment, can come to Dental Corner Esthetics to get the needed assistance, information about potential therapy, using most modern European approach, professional equipment and expressive medical ethics of our dental team.

Why You should visit us?

Dental clinic with a vision

DCE offers cruical information, instructions and extremely complex interventions. As experts in the field, we consider that it is our liability to provide information about types of available services, give instructions on proper hygiene concepts and techniques, point towards proper products and usage indicated particularly for You, as well as advice about most demanding interventions such as dental implants, computer designed and production of complete crowns and bridges using CAD-CAM technology.
The newest technology enables creating beautiful smiles while taking care of the smallest details and controlling every change step by step. Opinion of colleagues specialists in various dental fields such as oral surgery, parodontology, orthodontics and dental and X-ray technicians are important and we cherish the collaboration among highest authorities in the field. The dental laboratory that is used for producing crowns and bridges meets strict European policies for materials and technology standards. The possibilities sometimes reach science fiction limits for there are no unresolved cases.
Only one visit and free consultation can be the first step towards important life changing decision.

Do you know?

People don’t visit dentist because of fear


Adults are missing one or more teeth


Teenagers wash teeth less than once per day


Adults are completely edentelous



Dental Tourism

Serbia, the best choice for dental tourism

We are great dentists and even better hosts.

Serbia is famous in the world for experts in various medical fields and dentistry also overcomes the competition. Knowledge and experts gain through formal education meets all European standards, which is the main reason for development of medical tourism. And the main part of it-dental tourism. Belgrade, having the ideal geographical position, has become the leading dental center for patients from all across Europe. Things that attract numerous European patients, besides expertise and technical equipment of dental offices, include spirit, soul and hospitality that we offer without compensation. For foreign patients, our prices are interesting and reasonable and in addition to the necessary interventions, relaxation in the city with endless possibilities is guaranteed.

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You are our guest

Respecting your time, obligations and finances, DCE offers unique concept of making appointments and completing interventions in shortest time possible.

-Send us a request with x-ray and demands, describe the problem or esthetic concern you face. All information is confidential and will not be shared or published.
-In the shortest time possible, a dentist will reply with detailed explanation of interventions, tailored individually for You, including prices and timeline. (No hidden expenses)
-Based on Your wishes we can arrange a transfer from/to airport, parking, accommodation, translator and a guide.

For us, guarantee of quality and efficiency are imperative. Therefore, we can proudly offer our services to the most demanding patients. You always have a priority when making appointments. Duration is tailored according to Your time. Dental laboratory obtains added capacity and is always available.

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Our Services

These are just few of our services


Fast and simple way to create a beautiful “TV screen” smile that everyone wants is by making dental veneers. When possible, we would process only the outer surface of the tooth and bring smile to perfection. There are two types: composite veneers or ceramic veneers, with a detailed analysis of the case and a careful choice of dentist, you can get a smile that you have always wanted.

Price starting from 6000 RSD

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening trend has not bypassed DCE studio. We conduct this procedure in two ways, both are painless and most importantly both are absolutely safe and do not harm Your teeth. It is Your choice whether to do it in the dental office with a laser treatment or we would create individual foil for Your teeth (splint) and with gel and instructions you would be able perform the treatment at home whenever you choose.


Aesthetic fillings

-Aesthetic fillings
Replacement of old, black (amalgam) fillings and production of highly aesthetic and high quality materials available on the market. The procedure is quick and painless and the result is the filling that perfectly imitates the colour and shape of Your teeth. You can choose between composite-white fillings and computer-designed ceramic fillings (CAD-CAM).


Dental implants

Dental implant replaces the root or roots of missing teeth. Same as the teeth roots, dental implants are securely placed in the jaw bone and are usually invisible after the surgical setting. Implants are made of titanium, which is strong, lightweight and, most importantly, biocompatible which means that body does not reject it. Titanium is the most used metal in dental and other bone implants such as orthopedic  implants for joints.

Placing the implant is a small surgical procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. When the implant is placed in the jaw it is left to integrate, accrete into the bone. Only after that necessary period of time dentist places onto the implants supra structures that connects implants and crowns. Dental implants are stable and steady, independent of the surrounding teeth. Implants are an ideal replacement for the missing tooth or teeth because they enable You to get the aesthetics and function of the natural teeth.


Prosthetics on implants

Placed implants are left to grow into the bone from three to six months, depending on the situation. After this period it is possible to make a definitive restoration. It can be a crown or bridge of metal or metal free ceramics, depending on the wishes and needs of each patient. In some cases, when it is necessary, implants can be used for fixation of complete dentures which becomes stronger and more stable.
The priniple is that implant and a crown on it compensates the lack of a single tooth; lack of  two or more teeth can be done on a principle that two implants carry two or three crowns, three implants – five crowns, four, six, eight or more implants bilaterally in one or both jaws, depending on the situation and possibilities, can handle full bridges in case of lack of teeth in both jaws.
The theory that the body rejects the implant has been long abandoned, so the success of the installation and preparation of definitive prosthetic work is very high, at fantastic 97 percent.



We can solve aesthetic flaws in color, shape and position of one or more teeth in the shortest time possible and without pain by creating ceramic veneers with minimal grinding. In order to make this process more comfortable and pleasant we represent the whole procedure through careful preparation, planning and final result. We are especially proud of Non – Prep Veneers, the technique of designing and creating veneers where veneers are made with the most advanced aesthetics whenever is possible without any grinding of your teeth.


Only this month 20000 rsd

Nonmetal ceramics

Nonmetal ceramics uses the most modern materials to achieve excellent aesthetic results. These results are achieved by using crowns or bridges made of zirconium with the best mechanical properties and the absence of metal guarantees, not only aesthetics, but also durability of the teeth with no visible edges and discoloration of the gingiva. The process is safe, efficient and painless.

Metal free crowns made from solid Zircon Price 24000RSD
ACTION, only this month 1800RSD

Metal – Ceramics

Metal-ceramics has been in use for over three decades and is one of the most financially acceptable methods of teeth reparation. Nowadays, technology has been brought to perfection using the most modern metal alloys according to European standards and ceramics with improved aesthetics. Same as the other procedures, this process is painless and quick.

PRICE 12000 RSD per teeth


Dentures are intended for oldest citizens who have exhausted all the possibilities for restoration and realization of fixed work. The solution is brought to the highest levels of efficiency with less time needed for production and making corrections. Denture can be fixed to implants in order to achieve better stability and quality, as well as facilitate speech and eating. Time for production of dentures from imprint taking to realization is reduced to a minimum and a process is completely painless.

Classical / Partial Denture
Price 30000RSD

Skeletal Wisil prosthesis
Price 36000RSD

Skeletal prothetesis with attachments
Price starting from 40000RSD

Tooth extraction

Tooth that is giving you problems and pain and that after all the taken steps cannot be saved needs to be extracted as soon as possible in order to eliminate the infection from the oral cavity and prevent worsening of symptoms caused by the affected tooth. This procedure, although traumatic to many, is done absolutely painlessly and quickly, under local anesthesia, not with force but with the technique while preserving surrounding tissue and teeth. The wound with adequate protection begins to heal after 2 days.


Extraction of wisdom teeth

The third molar, wisdom tooth, can often inflict many problems in the form of dull pain, numbness, difficulty opening the mouth. The position and the dynamics of growth, often being incorrectly set and as such are suitable for the development of infections and the treatment is usually its extraction. This procedure is performed routinely, completely painlessly and quickly, and the wound would be adequately taken care of, with no complications and a quick recovery. Partly grown (impacted) wisdom teeth present easy place for creation of the inflammation caused by the accumulation of bacteria due to the difficulty of hygiene and can lead to swelling of the soft tissues that surround it. It can lead to disorders in the position of other teeth because of the little space in the jaw.


Resection of the root – Apicotomy

Resection of the root or apicotomy is a small surgical procedure on teeth by which we remove the apex of the tooth with the infection on it. Apicotomy is done when the root canals are curved and cannot be adequately cleaned and regular endodontic procedures do not provide satisfactory results and therefore the inflammation reappears. The procedure consists of small incision on the top of the root, removing apex along with the infection and mandatory filling of the root so that there cannot get to inflammation. Apicotomy can last from 30 to 60 minutes depending on the tooth in question. Stitches are usually removed about 7 days after surgery, and then it is possible to do crown restoration if necessary.



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The most advanced dental xray center

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